"Very harsh, but fair."
— President Serdar, after being dropped on a small island somewhere in the Caspian Sea

President Serdar is a character in Battlefield: Bad Company.


After Haggard single-handedly attacked the neutral nation of Serdaristan, Bad Company goes AWOL and enters the country. The squad eventually infiltrates the President's private golf course and palace, where they take Serdar hostage and order him to let them use his private gold-plated Mi-24 Hind D Gunship to exit the country and pursue the Mercenaries for their gold. The helicopter is eventually shot down by the Legionnaire and crashes at an unknown location. Preston Marlowe searches and finds his squad just after the crash. Together they rescue Serdar right before he was to be executed by the mercenaries. The squad eventually make their way to a Middle-Eastern country where they drop Serdar on a small island. His fate after this is unknown.


  • Serdar seems to be a very humorous character, never seen being worried or angry at Bad Company, despite all the things they do to him and his country.
  • His fictional country of Serdaristan is most likely named after himself.
  • Serdar's immaturity and stupidity is somewhat similar to that of George Haggard Jr.
  • After destroying the communications station in Bad Company, Serdar states that his "love life is over!".